Bathroom Remodel – Brookston, Indiana

Bathroom Remodel – Brookston, Indiana

One of AngleRight’s first projects was a bathroom remodel in a timber-framed house nestled in the woods near the Tippecanoe river.  With a shower, hot tub, toilet, and vanity all in the same room, owner Rich Hines was ready to take the bathroom to a new level.

Seeking a more modern feel while maintaining floor space, AngleRight Solutions designed an all-glass surround shower with updated tiling on the floor and walls.  A touch of greenery and a new vanity and mirror finished off the plan.

As he states in his referral for AngleRight, the 3D imagery worked very well to give him and his wife an idea of how the doors were to swing and how much room to expect.  With a plan layout and 3D pictures in hand, sub-contractors knew immediately he was serious about his project and prioritized accordingly.  Not only did he get great responses, but each contractor was able to work from an identical plan, eliminating variances in scope and estimates.  Rich easily communicated what was expected and contractors clearly understood his expectations.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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