Kitchen & Dining Remodel – Wolcott, IN

Kitchen & Dining Remodel – Wolcott, IN

Jeff and Heidi saw a way to make their home function at a different level.  An ideal kitchen remodel would include removing a wall and opening up the space between kitchen and dining.  How much of the wall could be taken out?  Would a header be required?  How about foundation reinforcing?  Would the new island and dining room be attractive? 

3D Interior Model - Kitchen and Dining Room - AngleRight Solutions copyright 2019
3D Interior Model – AngleRight Solutions copyright 2019

AngleRight Solutions put those questions to rest with quality 3D designs.  Jeff & Heidi were able to appropriately visualize just how their space would turn out.  In addition, engineering concerns and space layout details were addressed.

floorplan - interior kitchen & dining remodel - AngleRight Solutions copyright 2019
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