Lower Level Makeover – Secor, Illinois

Lower Level Makeover – Secor, Illinois

Recently, a couple contacted us to help with their lower level makeover.  With a new foster child, they could see the wisdom in adding an additional bedroom.  The challenge was squeezing another room into their split-level home.  They also wanted to revamp the existing half-bath to include a shower.

The existing layout included a second kitchen, often used for canning and crafts.  Because the family was willing to sacrifice a bit of floorspace in the living area, Brent was able to reposition the kitchen and add a bedroom.  The open design of the kitchen area kept the downstairs living area from becoming claustrophobic.  With the new layout, the bathroom gained a shower/tub combination.  Flow and functionality are a key to any good plan and the homeowners can be confident that their remodeled home will serve them well!

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