Relevancy of Custom 3D Sketches

Relevancy of Custom 3D Sketches

So, do you really need to invest in 3D plans?  Why not just ask your carpenter to move a few walls and make that living room bigger?  What is the real value and relevancy of custom 3D sketches?

We’re glad you asked!  Okay, so maybe you didn’t, but if you’re tossing those questions around in your mind, we have the answers!  3D drawings are like an insurance policy for your remodeling dreams.  The most obvious answer is that the customer gets to see the finished project before it’s started.  But the reality is that your builder and sub-contractors need to be on the same page with you and each other.  Let’s take a look at how that works.


Quite obviously, the foundation is the beginning.  A foundation plan pulled from the customer-approved 3D drawing ensures that the project starts out on the right footing…er, foot.  Can you imagine what a mess it would be to have the foundation poured just a few inches too large or small?

Now that the foundation is laid to the right specs, the framers will be over to set walls.  Wood framing is an integral part of the construction process; a typical 3D framing model will ease the planning.  Your builder will appreciate this springboard for the job he’s about to tackle.  Oh, and did we mention that the electricians, the HVAC guys, and the interior decorators will also be on the same page, now?


Whew!  The house is coming along nicely, thanks to some careful, well-thought-out planning.  And the best part?  The end result looks remarkably like those drawings you started with!  That’s the beauty and relevancy of custom 3D sketches!

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