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Our family will help bring your family’s dream home to life.


Learn about AngleRight Solutions.

Our family has worked together on a variety of projects, big and small. That means we understand the importance of a clear, custom design plan. We started AngleRight Solutions to provide the blueprints and 3D renderings you need to visualize and properly construct the end result.

From building plans to 3D designs, we are happy to guide your project as much or as little as you’d like. We combine years of experience in professional design, construction, engineering, and drafting to provide functional models and blueprints that fit our clients’ budgets and desires.

Brent Blume

Design Professional

With over 25 years of experience in construction layout, design, material, and general contracting, Brent finds satisfaction in helping others plan their new homes and additions.

In 2011, Brent completed a personal home renovation to double its size, so he knows how many moving parts there are in every project — and how to help you with your remodel or new home.

Brent has worked for a general contractor, where he was involved in customer service, construction estimating, architectural design, and sub-contractor agreements. He also earned his professional coaching degree in 2017—all key elements in guiding clients like you through the decisions involved with home design. 



Erica Blume

Project Design Consultant

Erica ensures our designs are practical, functional, and visually pleasing. With her professional experience in the graphic design field, she applies her knowledge to AngleRight Solutions projects to assist with the visuals and layout.

From creating curb appeal to developing functional kitchens, Erica has years of expertise working on design projects for Indiana homeowners.

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Our family is ready to help yours!