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We’ll help you visualize and plan your next project.

We’re a professional design and structural engineering firm focused on building relationships.


Remodeling or starting a new construction is exciting, but you need plans that let you understand your options and stay within your budget. We’ll get to know you and your needs so you get exactly what you want.


Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling, our team can help you develop the perfect plans. We provide blueprints that are accurate and can be used by your builder to provide an estimate and begin your project.

Our team will help you develop a plan of action, right down to a timeline. We’ll even offer cost-saving options wherever we can.

Full Visualization

Some of our clients know exactly what they want while others need to see a few ideas. Either way, we’re happy to provide 3D visualization of interior and exterior spaces to help you see the finished product and understand your options.

We’ll hold an on-site consultation to review your needs and budget. Then, we’ll discuss your options and talk about possibilities. Once we have a direction, we’ll get started on creating a visual representation of the final project.

Partnership with a Professional Engineer

We offer services from a licensed professional engineer, which means we can take on projects that require an engineering stamp. These are typically in the commercial sector and include new designs or renovations for busineses, libraries, schools, churches, and hotels.

Partnering with a professional engineer gives small business owners and community leaders other options besides hiring a city-based, name-brand architectural and engineering firm.

These commercial projects require a stamped drawing submission to the Department of Homeland Security in Indianapolis for review and release of the construction design. After release has been granted, then construction can begin.

In some counties, the area plan department will require a structural engineer’s stamp of approval for wall, floor, and roof design before a permit to build is acquired. Our partnership can help you get this approval as well.

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