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Our Process

Before you begin designing your new construction project or renovation, it’s important to understand what to expect from your architect—and to know he'll take the time to build a relationship with you.

We’ve developed a four-phase project protocol that allows us to provide exceptional guidance and clear communication.




We’ll start with a free consultation to learn what design will work for your home. We typically meet at the homeowner's house if it's a renovation project, and at our office if it will be a new build, but we're flexible.

You and Brent (our design professional) will sit down to get to know each other. We'll also discuss your needs, style preferences, and any structural challenges to help you decide on the best path forward.

As we talk, Brent will ask questions and offer suggestions, and we'll land on a suitable next step together. You'll leave our initial meeting with a clear idea of what will be done and how it will get accomplished.


Next, we will meet with our team of experts to determine all the possibilities for your space.

With experience in construction, engineering, and design, we’re sure to present the best opportunities that meet your desires and budget.


We’ll sit down with you and discuss your options to get your feedback on style, functionality, and cost. We can also make adjustments if needed.


Once approved, you can expect design plans to be ready around 2-4 weeks after our initial consultation.

With your blueprints, you’ll be able to get the proper permits and estimates to start your project.

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